Sunday, April 26, 2015

Oh my Aspi!

I am the worst kind of mom. I have 4 children. All of whom have different personalities and cleaning styles. Today was clean your room day, and as a mother I failed.
Some of you know that my son, josh, is an aspi. I know this. I struggle with it. I struggle to parent him the way his diagnosis requires. Take today for example.
I sent him to clean his room. He started out great. I helped show him how to do it. I worked with him. But not long. After awhile he started getting really upset. He refuses to eat lunch or dinner because to him he was on a time crunch. He only had so much time before bed.
Instead of instructing him better and getting to his level, all I did was offer words of encouragement. My child was hurting, and I ignored the signs. Until I finally got him to eat and noticed he was shaking and years were running down his face as he looked at the clock.
This is when I said enough. I was putting too much pressure on this 8 year old. Yes, he is one of my children, but I can not accept the same things from him as I do his siblings. Right now, hes happy, playing computer with his brother. Im making a goal for myself to learn how to better help him and bring myself UP to his level. I say up because he is smarter than I am. Braver than I will ever be. And so very precious to everyone who knows him.

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