Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Where we meet the cast

Parenting. We have all had experience at it, whether as the parent, or the child. Growing up, I always thought I would never be the same kind of parent that I had. I thought I would be better, I would know more about parenting because I just knew my parents were doing it all wrong. 
Now I'm all grown up, with a family of my own. My kids definitely keep me on my toes. I look at my childhood and think, man my parents had it easy with me. My daughter, she's 12 (a tween, but i don't get that name), is so much stronger and more vocal than I was as a child. I hope she never loses those qualities, they will do her a lot of good in life, will show her as a real leader. Then there are my boys. There are 3 of them, ages 10, 8, and 2. I would love to lump them together and say they're just boys, but the truth is they each (yes, even the 2 year old) have their own personality. Gabe, (the 10 year old) is such an electronics whiz. You can put him in front of any console, or game, and he will know exactly how to play it within 5 minutes. He's not really an active sort, but we're working on that. Josh, he's 8 and an aspi. Does that define him? Absolutely not! Josh is smart, he already plans to be a doctor when he grows up, something he has been saying since he was 3 years old. He loves telling the corniest jokes (although they're not corny to him), of course everyone laughs, because the way he tells them is so funny. He has a ton of friends and is so kind to everyone he meets. Kai is 2. He's a real boy. I don't mean that demeaning to my other sons, just that he is daring and adventurous. He eats dirt and throws rocks. He laughs hysterically when someone farts and will beat you without apology if he can't have his way. We will just call him a wip (work in progress). 
The cast celebrating grandmas birthday.

This Blog is about my many follies as a parent (because what is parenting without mistakes?), our daily goings on in life, and how my children survived having me as a parent.

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